Quick sketch of a robot concept by Benoit Godde.

New Sketches – Master Studies 2

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When left to my own devices, I tend to make simple, slightly cute genre characters. It’s fun (which is at least half of the reason why I do this) but I’d like to add more texture (aka “technoclutter”), especially in my ink drawings. So this group of master studies focuses on images with great technical details. Read More

Quick study sketch of a K-250 action figure from Star Wars: Rogue 1.

Daily Sketches – Master Studies 1

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I love master studies. Find a drawing, painting or design you admire and sketch it. Figure out why you admire it. Analyze what the artist did. And build your sketching skills. Currently, I try to start each practice session with a warm-up master study.

This group of master sketches focuses on robots. Beyond the general theme of “Hey, cool robots!” there isn’t a lot that links them together. I just liked what I saw and had a lot of fun exploring them. You can find links to the original images (along with about 1,000 other images) in this Pinterest board. Read More

Daily Sketches – Observation Studies 1

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Random observation studies from my sketchbook. Quick studies like this help me build a visual vocabulary. When I want to illustrate something I haven’t drawn before, like fishing boats, light houses, and recliners (to pick three objects entirely at random), I start by making quick studies. That way, I know what the objects look like and viewers understand what I’m trying to say.

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Ink sketch of a lighthouse robot.

Daily Sketches – Lighthouse Robots 1

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Our design program recently decided to emphasize pens over pencils in our introductory drawing courses. I wasn’t happy with my pen sketches, so in mid September, I switched from daily painting practice to daily ink sketches.

My first sketchbook is nearly full. I’ll post the sketches in groups over the next few weeks. Read More

Color study of mountains

New Sketches (August 13-19, 2018)

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This week was another set of cloud and mountain studies, using Noah Bradley’s photographs as reference. It was also the first week of the new semester. There were so many perfectly justifiable reasons to skip painting practice this week. I’m glad I didn’t.

I’ll do at least one more week of clouds and mountains before I move on to something else.

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