Color study of mountains

New Sketches (August 1-12, 2018)

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8 Sketches

This is an uncomfortable set of sketches. For me, mountains and clouds are some of the most daunting parts of landscape painting, and this was my first attempt at either of them in at least 10 years. The results are mixed. I’m happy with my progress, but I see a lot of room for improvement.

Each study took about 60 minutes. For reference, I used photographs by Noah Bradley. Read More

Composition study of a painting by NC Wyeth

New Sketches (July 11-31, 2018)

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Part 1: Composition studies

9 Sketches

I didn’t post any sketches in the second half of July. Remodeling took up most of my website time. But I was still working on my painting skills. I split these paintings into three sections. Part 1 is composition studies of paintings by Carl Spitzweg, Edgar Payne, Maxfield Parrish and NC Wyeth. Read More

20-minute value studies of photographs by Noah Bradley

New Sketches (July 1-10, 2018)

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46 Sketches

This week I made a lot of 20-minute to 30-minute value studies of landscapes, based on photographs from Noah Bradley. The goal is to simplify the real world landscapes into simple compositions with coherent values. Right now landscape painting is one of my weakest painting skills, so I’m using my summer free time to get better. Read More

New Sketches (June 17-23, 2018)

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5 Sketches

This week’s sketches are grayscale composition studies of paintings by Mead Schaeffer. Each study is a simplified version of the original painting using 3-4 shades of black, gray and white. The goal is to analyze and understand how the artist assembled the basic shapes of the composition.

Read More

New Sketches (May 27-June 2, 2018)

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Each summer I work on an illustration or design project. For 2018, that project is “Build a New Fantasy Illustration Portfolio.” It’s been several years since I’ve done much genre illustration, so I’m basically starting from scratch, with sketches and practice renderings. In a few weeks, I’ll move into actual illustrations. In the meantime, here are some of last week’s sketches.

These are all creature heads. Some of them are studies of real-world animals. Some of them are new. They’re based on the “Big Game Trophy Heads” exercise from Marc Taro Holmes’ book Designing Creatures & Characters.