Wrapping up the semester

The spring semester is just about over. I’ll be sketching and painting, but I won’t have time to update the website until we’re done. Look for new posts after May 2nd.

Site Maintenance: New Layout

This week I’m working on a new website layout. It’ll be messy while I test out a new template and Word Press’ new editor. Thanks for your patience!

Working on the Site

I’m doing some end of the summer maintenance to studioscott.com for the next few weeks. The current set up has some frustrating behind the scenes quirks and I want to fix them before the new semester starts. Reworking the site is going to take up all of my...

Site Notes

Over the next 2-3 weeks, I’m going to make some changes to the posts on this site, so they’re easier to reference during the school year. I won’t delete any posts, but the titles, tags and categories will all be updated. If you’re looking for a...