Last week you designed new products using silhouettes. This week you’ll design new forms that emphasize a product’s moving parts.

Try to spend at least 30 minutes sketching, 5 or 6 days a week. Short practice sessions each day usually lead to better results than longer, less-frequent sessions. You should make at least one new sketch each day, so by the end of the week you should have at least 4 new designs and your studies of the original products.

Get Ready

Choose a product with at least one visible moving part. The moving part should be an important part of the product’s function, like the blades of a ceiling fan or the handle of your kitchen faucet.

Day 1: Build Your visual Vocabulary

Make several sketches of your product, from several different viewpoints.

Days 2-6: Create new forms

Redesign your product so it illustrates the motion of the moving part. If you are working on a ceiling fan, for example, choose forms that represent spinning. Circles, arcs and spirals would be reliable places to start, but look for other ways to tell the viewer, “These parts move in a circle.”

For this project, your designs should communicate clearly. They should also be attractive. Users should want to spend money on them and they should be happy to see them in their lives. That doesn’t mean every design has top be perfectly communicative and perfectly beautiful. Just keep both criteria in mind as you work, and make notes of where you could improve each design in one area or the other.