Each day this week, sketch a set of identical (or nearly identical) products. Choose simple products, like a group of pushpins on a desk, a set of wrenches on a workbench, or a set of kitchen knives in a knife rack.

Arrange your products in an interesting way. For me, the easiest way to do this is to have most of the products doing the same thing, with 1 or 2 products doing something different. This will draw viewers’ attention to the differently-positioned products, so you might want to add a little extra detail there.

The goal of this week’s prompt is to practice your layout and consistency, so try to make all of the products look like they are part of the same set. But also show them from more than one angle.

Some other products that would work well for this prompt:

  • A group of sticky notes on a white board. Try curling some of the notes or folding some of the corners to make the layout look interesting.
  • A package of batteries
  • A string of paper clips
  • A cup full of pencils


Here’s how it works

New sketch prompts will appear every Monday. Each week will have 6 sketch prompts that focus on a theme. Pick one sketch prompt and do one 20-30 minute sketch every day, 6 days a week. Then take a day off and start again with the next weeks’ post.