Over the next 2-3 weeks, I’m going to make some changes to the posts on this site, so they’re easier to reference during the school year. I won’t delete any posts, but the titles, tags and categories will all be updated. If you’re looking for a specific post, you may need to do a little searching before you find it. Sorry about that. Fortunately, the new site is still fairly small, so you should find everything fairly quickly.

I’m also going to tidy up my Pinterest boards. Several of the boards were assembled for specific class meetings, and I would like to make them more universally useful. That means that some boards will be deleted, or merged other boards. I’m also going to delete the outdated pins. If there’s anything you want to save, please bookmark it quickly.

The next 2-3 sketch prompt posts will all be related to drawing text and logos in perspective. This is something I want to practice in class next year, and I want to try it out here first. Usually I try to mix up the daily sketch prompts so you you don’t get bored, but you’ll see a few closely-related weeks when I want to test something specific.