Last week, you made observational sketches of text in perspective. You looked at products and packaging with text on the surface, you put them in 2-point or 3-point perspective views, and you sketched them. This week, you’re going to do something similar. But instead of drawing what you see, you’re going to put your own text onto the products.

Each day this week, sketch a simple product in 2-point or 3-point perspective. Then sketch some text onto the surface. This could be a brand name, instructive text (like the “Left” and “Right” text you see on some headphones), or ad copy. It should also be new text that you’re adding to the surface, rather than text that’s already there.

Make sure you choose simple products. You want to spend most of your time putting the text into perspective view.

You may be asking, “Why are we spending so much time on text?” I have two answers. First, you may want to add text or logotype to your product sketches in the future. It makes your designs look extra believable, but only if the text looks good. When the text looks bad, it can ruin the whole drawing.

Second, this is a great way to practice drawing surface details in perspective. The skills you develop here, can also be applied to buttons, vents, overmolds, screens, parting lines, etc.


Here’s how it works

New sketch prompts will appear every Monday. Each week will have 6 sketch prompts that focus on a theme. Pick one sketch prompt and do one 20-30 minute sketch every day, 6 days a week. Then take a day off and start again with the next weeks’ post.