Hi! I’m Scott Reeves.

I’m a designer, a design researcher, and a freelance illustrator. A few years ago, I started teaching life-drawing seminars at Arizona State University’s (ASU) Design School. Full-semester classes followed; first in visual storytelling, then prototyping, design drawing and design research. Now I’m a nearly-full-time instructor.

Every semester I’m delighted by how much design goes into teaching. Every class is a system of services, activities and products. Teachers are constantly iterating—checking in with our users and adjusting the system to provide better experiences. It’s a great setting for user-centered creativity and innovation.

Here’s what
I’m working on now.

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Proofreading Networks

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A typo in a portfolio or resume can be fatal. Unfortunately, most design students don’t have a lot of proofreading experience. Mistakes in student portfolios are dismayingly common, and poor…


Biomimicry (in Small Bites)

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As part of ASU’s Innovation Space program, we teach biomimicry to design, engineering, business and sustainability students. Professional-level biomimicry is a complex discipline and it requires biological expertise that most…


Sketch Games

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A single sketch can ruin a studio session. If the sketch goes poorly, a frustrated student may have trouble starting a new one. If it goes well, a student may…

Here’s where I started.

I started out as an illustrator for card games and books, and I still have an enthusiastic research interest in the space between between game design and design thinking. It has great potential for building better products, services, & systems.


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