Morning Commute

In a fishbowl, a man in an old-fashioned red and gold diving suit holds a ring in front of a goldfish. The suit's helmet includes a top hat and an old-fashioned handlebar mustache. The man gestures as if he's coaxing the fish to swim through the hoop.

Through the Hoop

Two anthromorphized pigs perform in a trapeze act. One hangs from a trapeze by his knees and reaches out with his arms. The other flies through the ait and reaches out towards her partner.


A cactus creature dives into a flower pot.

Cactus Diver

An impatient bunny pushes a clock off the edge of a shelf. The clock and the gold frame surrounding the image both have turtle motifs.

Impatient Bunny

A purple steam-powered robot juggles glowing coals while a cat-like creature with extra legs looks on.

Juggling Engine

A cricus poster for "The Captivating Catapilla": a cat with 5 pairs of legs.


An orange, stylized cat with a long next stands on a red and white flotation device floating on the surface of a lake.

Rescue Cat

A gray mouse dressed like an old-time circus strongman uses one hand to lift a barbell marked "100g"


An anthromorphised elephant performs an arial silk routine. Shje wears a red and pink leotard.

Elephant Acrobat

A sad clown stands in the middle of a cactus patch, holding a red balloon.

Cactus Clown

A girl in a red jacket and blue skirt stands in the window of a hayloft. She offers a popsicle to a giant robot whose head fills the window. A toy version of the giant robot lies on a hay bale nearby.


A giant robot leans over a woman in a white shirt and a blue skirt. They are both pointing in the same direction.

Over There

A tiny robot stands insode a group of ants. The robot holds up a sketchbook and examines a sketch of an ant.


A brown bear sits on a grassy hillside, weearing cone-shaped hat and playing a concertina. A group of circus tents stands in the distance.

Concertina Bear

A girl plays the guitar while a small fire spirit dances on a pile of wood.


A small dragon with insect wings hovers near ripe prickly-pear fruit.


A child-sized robot sits on the edge of a recliner, holding a remote control. In one hand it holds a stuffed bear dressed a a superhero with a pink cape and a star on its belly. The same superhero appears in a poster on the wall and a pile of comics on the floor.