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Parts of a Product

By Daily Sketch Prompts

Choose a product that has at least five visible parts. These parts can be just about anything: control panels, gauges, vents, battery packs, etc. But they should be large enough view and sketch clearly. They should also be visible without taking the product apart (taking products apart comes later).

For the first 5 days of this week, sketch one part of the product. Focus on how that part looks by itself, and how it fits into the whole product. On the 6th day, sketch the whole product, showing as many parts as possible. Read More

Welcome to Daily Sketch Prompts!

By Daily Sketch Prompts

Welcome to Daily Sketch Prompts! This is a weekly series of posts for the industrial designers of Arizona State University (ASU), to help us develop our sketching skills. Not an industrial designer? Not from ASU? That’s OK! Everyone is welcome.

Each Monday, I’ll post 6 new sketch prompts. They’ll be simple descriptions of industrial design sketches with a common theme, like “Draw 6 different telephones from 6 different points in history.” Your job is to turn those descriptions into sketches, one 20-30 minute sketch each day. Read More

Evolution of a Product

By Daily Sketch Prompts

Choose a product that has visibly evolved over a period of time — at least 50 years. For the next 6 days, draw one version of that product each day, starting with the oldest version. When you finish you’ll have six sketches, showing 6 different steps in the product’s evolution.

Use photographs or real-life products for reference. Each version should be noticeably different from the previous versions. Don’t worry about making sure they’re perfectly spaced throughout history, or arranged in perfect order. This is drawing practice, not a history report. Read More