Illustration of a mouse going to work by driving a car, riding a train and walking.

Morning Commute

Illustration of a dog in a hat and a harvest spirit in a corn field.

The Floofy Bandit Visits a Corn Shrine

Illustration of an acrobatic elephant.


Illustration of a robot with a sketchbook and three very large ants.

Sketching Ants

Illustration of a donkey and a dog in a hat standing in a canyon.

The Floofy Bandit in a Canyon

Illustration of a cactus diving into a teapot.

Potted Cactus

Illustration of a robot holding a remote control and staring at a TV off screen.


Illustration of a small dragon with some cactus fruit.

Dragon Fruit

Illustration of two pigs on a trapeze.

High-Flying Pigs

Illustration of a clown with a balloon and several cactuses.

A Prickly Situation

An illustration of a girl in a hayloft, waving to a giant robot inside. A doll-sized version of the robot sits next to her.

Big Imagination